i had enough to buy me sleep
two quarters of whisky
but my angel’s wishful eyes
“papa, can we…?”

drive to the mall
her tiny hands holding edges of the dashboard
a bump, a pit hole, tap on pedal
she drops on her seat and laughs
up again, she just won’t give in…

in the mall, she holds my hand
her nimble eyes on the escalator
she hops the wagon, pulls me along…

in the gaming zone
she looks around
thoughtfully picks up her first
a ritual before the spree
then from one joyride to another
her eyes beaming with life
she waves at me

and i wonder when will i…?


We knew it all along or maybe not, an image of self we created, made us rigid. Our own perception is tearing us apart from the silent screams of our subconscious mind.
We yearned for freedom and we did work hard towards it. Hard we became. Stiff.
Now the door is wide open but we dare not.


After traveling places over two months, I return to my hometown. No one seems excited but my liquor store guy
“Sir, where have you been? We were worried you might have…Ahem. Sir, how many bottles?”

Common Sense

A revolution does not inevitably bring about change but it definitely for a brief period infuses elated sense of purpose in mundane lives. On the contrary, if it becomes the sole purpose of one’s existence.